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We strive to keep our residents and family members updated on financial and pragmatic issues and events that have an impact on senior living.  Please check back regularly for updates.

Monday, January 11, 2021 was a very exciting day at Cabrini of Westchester because residents and staff received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine! A team from CVS Pharmacy was on site to administer both doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, the first of which was distributed on December 21, 2020. In total, 217 residents and 177 staff members opted to be inoculated. Another site visit is planned for February 1, 2021.

“We are fortunate that the Covid-19 vaccine has demonstrated safety and is highly effective,” said Dr. Jeffrey Gold, Cabrini of Westchester’s Medical Director. “Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective way that we can protect ourselves, and most especially the residents, in order to address the global pandemic.”

With the second dose, the vaccine is said to be more than 90% effective against the on-going threat of the COVID-19 virus. This is a great relief to the residents, staff and most especially the family members, who haven’t seen their loved ones in person in quite a long time. “A renewed sense of hope accompanies the availability of the vaccine for the residents and our hard-working staff,” said Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO. “Reuniting residents and their families with in-person visits is our greatest hope for this year.”

About Cabrini of Westchester:

Cabrini of Westchester is a not-for-profit Catholic ministry sponsored by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and is dedicated to caring for people of all faiths through programs and services which promote independence, dignity, and well-being. Cabrini of Westchester offers short-term rehabilitation, sub-acute care, respite care, skilled nursing care, palliative care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, pastoral care and home care throughout Westchester County, Manhattan and the Bronx. For more information about Cabrini of Westchester or to support its mission, please call (914) 693-6800 x 502 or visit www.cabrini-eldercare.org.

Br Sr. Damien Ciminera, MSC, shows the “thumbs up” sign as she receives her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Br Sr. Mary Ann Hawes, MSC smiles from ear to ear while receiving her vaccine. “I am so happy today!” she said.

Br Sr. Monica Griffin, SC is more than happy to receive her second dose of the vaccine.

Sr. Catherine Garry, MSC, long time board member of Cabrini of Westchester, was honored with the Trustee of the Year award from LeadingAge New York, part of a national association of 5,500 not-for-profit organizations. This prestigious award is given in recognition of trustees who have served with distinction and made significant contributions to the betterment of services for the aged and infirmed. Sr. Catherine would have been presented with the award earlier this year, but due to the social distance restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was presented to her on October 20, 2020 after a special Mass in Cabrini of Westchester’s chapel.

Sr. Catherine’s extensive career includes teaching and serving as principal in several schools, administering a retreat center and serving as a Trustee at Columbus-Cuneo-Cabrini Hospitals in Chicago. She has also held the position of Provincial of the Missionary Sisters and remains on the Boards of Cabrini of Westchester and Mother Cabrini High School in New Orleans.

Sr. Catherine has always demonstrated a deep commitment to Cabrini of Westchester’s residents, clients and staff and has provided guidance as a Trustee in many areas including her expertise in By-laws of the corporation, the effects of canon and civil law and most importantly, the essence of the mission of the organization.

It is my privilege to present this award to Sr. Catherine on behalf of LeadingAge, the Board of Trustees, the residents and employees to thank her for all she has done for Cabrini of Westchester,” said Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO of Cabrini of Westchester. “Sister is an inspiration to us all and I am grateful for her steady and committed presence.”

Upon receipt of the award, Sr. Catherine shared the following: “Coming to Cabrini of Westchester for meetings and to see the residents is high spot in my life. You have been as supportive to me as I have been to you. Thank you very much for this award.”

Br Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO of Cabrini of Westchester presents the Leading Age Trustee of the Year Award to Sr. Catherine Garry, MSC.

Br Bonita Burke, Administrator of Cabrini of Westchester presents flowers to Sr. Catherine Garry, MSC upon receipt of her award.

Br Sr. Catherine Garry, MSC accepts the Leading Age Trustee of the Year Award.

Br A special Mass was held in Cabrini of Westchester’s chapel to recognize Sr. Catherine Garry’s commitment to the home.

Cabrini of Westchester’s “New Normal” 

Magical Moments are taking place at Cabrini of Westchester! Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the month of July, family members are able to make an appointment to see their loved ones through the window up close and personal, while speaking via iPads from either side of the door. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations put into place by the New York State Department of Health, visitors have not been allowed to enter St. Cabrini Nursing Home since March. Although regular updates have been given to all families since the pandemic began, and many have had the opportunity to FaceTime with the residents, these Magical Moments have been so special because the residents are able to see and communicate with their loved ones in person – something they haven’t been able to do for nearly four months! The residents and families have been grateful to all the staff who make these reunions possible. We look forward to the day when these families move on from virtual hugs to actual hugs! That day can’t come soon enough!

Br Patricia Stanley waved to her family during her "visit" with them!

Br Kelly Geoghegan made a beautiful sign for her grandmother, Patricia Stanley!

Br Husband and wife residents, James and Marie Fatigate beam from ear to ear while speaking with their daughter, Carole Brown and son, Jay Fatigate!

On Tuesday, June 30th, a caravan of at least 30 cars paraded through the grounds of Cabrini of Westchester while the song “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” was blasted for all to hear! The cars were decorated with signs of appreciation in honor of the members of the 1199 Service Employees International Union that are employed at St. Cabrini Nursing Home. As the cars made their way to the front of the building, staff members emerged out of the doors while dancing, singing and wearing huge smiles.

Organized by the administration of the 1199 Union, the purpose of the parade was to thank the dedicated employees who tirelessly care for the residents of the home, most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the parade, organizers arranged for New York State Senate Majority Leader and friend of Cabrini of Westchester, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, to attend and address the group with words of thanks. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, you showed up to work every day and proved that you are beyond essential. I came here on behalf of myself, the Senate and every elected official throughout Westchester County and the state to say thank you for being our backbone, our constant and our heart.”

As festive as the atmosphere was, it was apparent that there was a special individual that was missing from the celebration. A moment of silence was held in memory of CNA, Barbara Holmes, who succumbed to the COVID-19 virus in May. Barbara was employed at Cabrini for almost 41 years and was a passionate advocate for both residents and co-workers. It seemed appropriate that Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO of Cabrini of Westchester announced that the monthly Values in Action Award will be renamed in Barbara’s honor, since she was the epitome of Cabrini’s core values of pride, dignity, compassion and respect.

Br From left to right, Devonte Martin, Imee Garcia, Anthony DelValle and Miriam Hunte of the Rehabilitation Department dance to the music while watching the parade.

Br Georgia Castle and Jony Lucthamas, both CNA’s in the Nursing Department dance to the music!

Br From left to right, Devonte Martin, Anto Manalil and Anthony DelValle from the Rehabilitation Department enjoy the festivities

Br Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins addresses the gathering.

In honor of National Nursing Assistants Week, Cabrini of Westchester paid tribute to the 160 Certified Nursing Assistants that are the heart and hands of the compassionate care provided to the residents that call Cabrini “home.” Bonnie Burke, Administrator, Winnie Josephs, Director of Nursing and Ade Edano, Assistant Director of Nursing, hand delivered “goodie bags” containing a small token of gratitude to each outstanding CNA. Each bag contained embroidered back packs and a copy of the book “St Frances Cabrini: A Passionate Life,” by Mark Davis. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, a raffle was held giving each CNA a chance to win an Amazon gift card. The donor provided a total of $1,000 in gift cards with amounts varying from $50 to $100. This gave many CNA’s the chance to win! Thank you to each and every Certified Nursing Assistant for the commitment and dedication you demonstrate every single day!

Br (l-r) Margot Barrete, Jennifer Hamidu, Bonnie Burke, Donnalessa Turner, Ivy Bello-Giwah, Alice Charlise celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week.

Br (l-r) Bonnie Burke, Diane Adlam, Kadiatou Diallo, Iloma Kaura, Winnie Josephs and Ade Edano celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week.

Br Congratulations to Margaret Opoku-Mensah for winning a $100 Amazon Gift Card in honor of National Nursing Assistants Week!

Cabrini of Westchester has had a busy two weeks! Not only was National Nurses Week celebrated from May 6th through May 12th, but National Skilled Nursing Care Week was recognized from May 10th through the 16th!

It is so important to recognize Cabrini of Westchester’s nurses at all times, but most especially during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Each nurse is being challenged to deliver high-quality care under extraordinary circumstances. The nurses who care for the residents have risen to the occasion and have been able to manage their responsibilities with dignity and grace under pressure. In order to celebrate this wonderful commitment, Bonnie Burke, Administrator, Winnie Josephs, Director of Nursing and Ade Edano, Assistant Director of Nursing, hand delivered “goodie bags” containing a small token of gratitude to each outstanding nurse. Each bag contained embroidered back packs and other Cabrini items as well as a copy of the book “St Frances Cabrini: a passionate life,” by Mark Davis. A raffle was held each day of the week for all nurses, making them eligible to win gift certificates to a variety of stores.

Established by the American Health Care Association in 1967, National Skilled Nursing Care Week recognizes the essential role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s frail, elderly, and disabled. The 2020 theme for National Skilled Nursing Care Week was “Sharing Our Wisdom.” There is so much knowledge and value we can learn from our elders, just by asking and listening to their experiences. To celebrate, Sheri Gottlieb, Director of Therapeutic Recreation and her staff strolled the hallways of the home with an ice cream cart to offer a special treat to each resident. Other activities included a word game contest amongst some of the residents, a rolling snack cart and on Mother’s Day, flowers were handed out to all of the female residents. Similar to the Nurses Week raffle, all employees were entered to win gift certificates on each day of National Skilled Nursing Care Week.

During this unprecedented time in the world, it is especially important to celebrate the good things that are happening. We look forward to more celebrations in the near future.

Br “Goody bags” were distributed to all nurses to celebrate National Nurses Week.

Br Sheri Gottlieb, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, roamed the halls with an ice cream cart with a special treat for each resident to celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week.

Br Janelle Ford, Housekeeper collects her winning gift certificate from Executive Assistant, Judy Connolly during the National Skilled Nurse Care Week raffle.

During this challenging time, Cabrini of Westchester has had to navigate through the daily changes that the COVID-19 Pandemic has wrought. Our biggest concern has been the well-being of the residents that call Cabrini their home. Our staff has gone above and beyond to make what would ordinarily be “normal” activities into “new normal” ones. We would like to share some of the creative ways in which we have been providing activities to the residents while still offering continuity of care and remaining at a social distance. Enjoy the photos!

Br John OHaraCongratulations to Brother John O’Hara for being of the first patients on the Short Term Rehabilitation Unit to go home after defeating the COVID-19 virus!

FacetimePatricia Norz enjoyed “seeing” her family through a Facetime call coordinated by social worker and Director of Cabrini Immigrant Services, Lorraine Campanelli.

Sheri activity  2Sr. Elizabeth Stelmack was entertained by Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Sheri Gottlieb by playing a fun word game.

IMG 2369Mass is held in the chapel daily, but it’s not quite the same as it used to be. Instead of the chapel being full of worshipers, the residents watch on their televisions while, Director of Pastoral Care, Fr. Thomas Vadakemuriyil celebrates the Mass.

IMG 2373Missionary Sisters, Sr. Alfonsina Gomes, MSC and Sr. Romualda Molon, MSC are among the few that gather in the chapel for daily Mass.

EasterEaster Sunday Mass was celebrated with music provided by Susan Herceg and Lorraine Campanelli while the residents viewed from their room.

IMG 20200521 111211Regina O’Connell watches Mass from her room via the television.

snack attackIn order to keep spirits up, Sheri Gottlieb distributes treats to the residents with the “Snack Attack” cart!

IMG 1185Birthdays are celebrated in a very different manner than they used to be! Happy Birthday to Sr. Rose Golden,who was celebrated by her family and friends from a distance while she waved from her room.Sr. Rose

IMG 1171
Sr. Rose’s loved ones gathered on the grounds of the nursing home with banners and well wishes for a Happy Birthday!

“Not all super heroes wear capes!”
“You’re appreciated!”
“Thanks for being awesome!”

These are just a few of the phrases that can be seen as staff make their way down the main hallway at Cabrini of Westchester. Large poster boards have been set up with encouraging and heartfelt messages to let all the staff know how grateful the administration is for the dedication and hard work they are exhibiting throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

In an effort to keep spirits up, Cabrini of Westchester’s caring team have been devising ways to entertain the residents who are restricted to their rooms in order to keep them safe, and planning small appreciation gestures for staff who are working so tirelessly.

Sheri Gottlieb, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, and her staff have come up with many creative ways to engage the residents who cannot gather in groups due to this highly contagious virus. They are televising bingo to the residents’ rooms on a television channel that broadcasts throughout the building via the chapel. Sheri calls out the numbers from the chapel, while her staff is on the unit checking/repeating numbers. The staff will then text Sheri when there is a winner and distribute prizes. Other activities include hallway exercise, word games, and, with the help of all of the social workers assigned to each unit, using Facetime and SKYPE for residents to communicate with their loved ones. Daily Mass is another comfort that is also broadcast on the television from the chapel. The Pastoral Care Department, led by director Fr. Thomas Vadakemuriyil, has planned a meaningful and spiritual way to celebrate Holy Week so that residents can participate during this solemn time. Services include Holy Thursday Mass, Stations of the Cross on Good Friday and a festive Mass for Easter Sunday, with live music provided by staff at each. In addition to the signage in the hallway that thanks the staff for their hard work, the Administration, Missionary Sisters and Trustees have come up with ways to express their gratitude. Each employee has been given a $10 gift certificate to the Cabrini café, Girl Scout cookies were distributed to all staff with an announcement of a bonus payment to be made during this crisis, and Trustees have ordered individually wrapped snacks for all to enjoy. More of these kinds of gestures will take place while staff are valiantly working to keep each resident safe during this uncertain time.

Cabrini of Westchester is committed to staying vigilant and proactive to ensure the health and safety of each resident and to provide all necessary and compassionate care. Thank you to each member of our staff that strives daily to provide truly loving care to every single one of our patients and residents.

Sharing in Mission Celebration Dinner Date Change

Cabrini of Westchester’s Twenty-Second Annual Sharing in Mission Celebration Dinner originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 22,2020, has been postponed due to the risks posed by the Coronavirus, along with the recently declared state of emergency by the State of New York. For more information click here.

Cabrini of Westchester Awarded a Five Star Overall Facility Rating!

Cabrini of Westchester is pleased to announce that it has earned an overall Five-Star Facility Rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). For more information click here.

Celebrating Love

The Rose Room at Cabrini of Westchester was full of Valentine’s Day excitement and a lot of love on February 13, 2020 where a “Sweethearts Luncheon” was celebrated with 9 residents and their spouses. Organized by Sheri Gottlieb, Director of Therapeutic Recreation and her staff, couples were amazed by the festive décor that included hanging hearts, red tablecloths and beautiful centerpieces. The lovebirds dined on a special menu that included a choice of Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Salmon or Lemon Chicken for an entrée, followed by Triple Layer Mousse Cake for dessert, prepared by Chef John Hammer and Cabrini’s kitchen staff. Most of the couples in the room have been married at least 50 years or more! What a special way to honor the love and commitment of these wonderful couples!

A Beautiful Feast Day at Cabrini of Westchester

Cabrini of Westchester celebrated Mother Cabrini’s Feast Day (November 13, 2019) with a beautiful Mass celebrated by Fr. Thomas Faiola, OFM Cap., Pastor of Good Shephard Parish in Inwood, New York City. Fr. Thomas spoke of Mother Cabrini’s tireless determination and amazing number of accomplishments. He called Mother Cabrini “a powerhouse who put God’s word into action” and called us all to become “doers of the word” living a vocation of prayer. Having been a friend for many years to numerous Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fr. Tom joined them for lunch following Mass where they celebrated the Feast Day by sharing many memories and laughter.

Prior to the luncheon, the Feast Day was also commemorated by the unveiling of a hand-made quilt co-created by adult clients of Cabrini Immigrant Services and residents of St. Cabrini Nursing Home as part of the “Expressive Arts Program” (EAP). EAP was formed to combat depression and loneliness, two of the biggest problems facing adult immigrants and elderly nursing home residents. Each participant was charged with creating four squares for the quilt - one to portray each of the following: individual’s name, country of origin, something that defined them and something they enjoy. The project has enhanced the quality of life amongst the participants and, together, they have created a legacy for the future through the telling of their life stories so beautifully depicted on the quilt.

Paulette Sansone, PhD., a facilitator of the program, closed the ceremony with the announcement that the Expressive Arts Program’s proposal to present at the national Expressive Arts Therapy Summit in Los Angeles, California in April of 2020 was accepted. The group will be given two hours to present their work and its outcomes. The participants in the program were elated to hear the news and that their program will receive national attention and publicity!

As stated on the plaque that hangs next to the quilt “Together, we helped each other, supported each other and encouraged each other. What beautiful things happen when we come together with one heart.”

A great Feast Day was had by all!

Cabrini of Westchester Featured On MD News!

Cabrini of Westchester was recently featured in an article on MD News! The article is titled “Cabrini of Westchester: Enhancing Senior Care in a Changing Healthcare Environment”. To read the article, click here.

Ralph Lucariello M.D. Awarded Trustee of the Year Award from LeadingAge New York!

Ralph Lucariello M.D., long time board member and current board chair of Cabrini of Westchester, was honored with the Trustee of the Year awards from LeadingAge New York, part of a national association of 5,500 not-for-profit organizations. Dr. Lucariello, a resident of Bronxville, graciously accepted the award on December 12, 2017 at Cabrini of Westchester. This prestigious award is given in recognition of trustees who have served with distinction and made significant contributions to the betterment of services for the aged and infirmed.

Dr. Lucariello’s extensive career in Catholic healthcare spans several decades as an accomplished physician as well as serving in many leadership roles including the areas of administration, medical education and ethics.

Throughout his years of service, Dr. Lucariello has always demonstrated a deep commitment to the Home’s residents, clients and staff and has dedicated his time and expertise to ensure high quality outcomes for each of the organization’s programs and services.

Donald J. Amoruso, fellow trustee and former board chair who received the Trustee of the Year Award in 2012, presented the award to Dr. Lucariello along with Patricia Krasnausky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cabrini of Westchester. Dr. Lucariello humbly accepted the award thanking all who nominated him and Ms. Krasnausky thanked Dr. Lucariello for his many years of service and added: “I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor.”

Dr. Lucariello

17th Annual Sharing in Mission Dinner
was a Great Success!

Cabrini of Westchester recognized the achievements of three honorees at its 17th Annual Fundraising Event, The Sharing in Mission Dinner held on May 13, 2015 at the beautiful Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, NY. Thanks to the honorees, sponsors, donors and the 2015 Sharing in Mission Dinner Event Committee, the evening was a tremendous success and netted over $188,000 to benefit the ministry of Cabrini of Westchester!

The Sunset Safari theme added a lot of frivolity to the evening. Guests were greeted with Sunset Martinis and Amarula on the Rocks, an authentic African Liquor, as they entered the mansion. On entering the dining room, they were humored by centerpieces of typical safari animals surrounded by African flowers and fauna. Mike Bennett, a local radio host, kicked off the evening with his great wit followed by moving speeches from each of the three honorees, all of whom gave tribute to the high-quality care for which Cabrini of Westchester is known. A highlight of the evening was Sr. Arlene Van Dusen’s invocation which included a blessings sung in Amharic by Sr. Hannah Dima, MSC and Sr. Amarech Herego, MSC who were visiting from Ethiopia.

This year’s honorees included Ron Corti, President and CEO of St. John’s Riverside Hospital and his leadership team, Peter Millock, Partner, Nixon Peabody and Joseph Bisaccia, Cabrini’s Director of Food, Nutrition and Purchasing. The honorees were chosen for their dedication to Cabrini of Westchester’s mission which calls on individuals to be leaders, educators, advocates and sponsors of quality services to those in need of care and compassion.

To view additional photos from this event, click here.

Cabrini Immigrant Services 2014 Liberty & Justice Awards Reception

Cabrini Immigrant Services held its annual Liberty & Justice Awards Reception on Thursday, November 20th at Estherwood Mansion in Dobbs Ferry, New York.  The event was held in honor of Tracy and Robert Baron and St. Faith’s House Foundation for their dedication and support of the mission of Cabrini Immigrant Services.  In addition to the two honorees Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO of Cabrini of Westchester, presented The Dobbs Ferry Historical Society with a special Centennial Award in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Cabrini’s presence in Dobbs Ferry.

The event raised approximately $25,000 which will benefit the services of Cabrini Immigrant Services, which include: English for Speakers of Other Languages (“ESOL”) Programs, after-school homework help program, assistance with naturalization and immigrant issues, aid in procuring benefits, provision of health screening and referrals, and various other support and educational services.

16th Annual Sharing in Mission Dinner

On April 24th, Cabrini of Westchester celebrated the 125th Anniversary of the first arrival of Mother Cabrini to the United States, the 100th Anniversary of her acquisition of the site on which Cabrini of Westchester resides and the dedication and support of three esteemed honorees at its 16th Annual Sharing in Mission Dinner at Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, NY. This year’s honorees were: The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Ralph Lucariello, M.D., Chairman, Cabrini of Westchester’s Board of Trustees and Denise Kuhbier, Director, Home Care Services for Cabrini of Westchester.

In recognition of these milestone anniversaries, the event was deemed “Bella Notte” to reflect a celebration Mother Cabrini held on Cabrini’s property in the Spring of 1914, 100 years ago. An excerpt from the book “The Life and Missionary Activity of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini” by Segundo Galilea describes the décor and importance of that evening:

“It was time to celebrate 25 years of the arrival of the Missionaries in the United States. Frances Xavier asked Cardinal Bonzano, the apostolic delegate in the United States and her friend and protector for years, to preside over the celebration of this jubilee. It was held precisely in the new orphanage in Dobbs Ferry, the former Protestant mission. The place was full for this occasion. Members of the Italian colony, representatives of the Church and of American institutions and a multitude of friends, poor and rich, were guests. The villa was decorated like an Italian garden and surrounded by hanging lanterns.”

The magic of that evening 100 years ago was recalled at the Sharing in Mission Dinner not only with the décor but by presenting the Missionary Sisters with a special remembrance - a rare photo of Mother Cabrini with the first Sisters upon their arrival in New York 125 years ago.

A record breaking 255 people attended the evening raising funds to benefit Cabrini of Westchester.

To view the photos from this event, please click here.

Cabrini of Westchester Celebrates Mother Cabrini’s Birthday

Submitted by Susan Herceg

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, the administration and staff of Cabrini of Westchester celebrated the 164th Birthday of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini with a beautiful and moving Mass in the Chapel. As Cabrini of Westchester is also celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the acquisition of the property on which the home resides, one of the focal points of the day was the unveiling and blessing of a portrait of Mother Cabrini which was given to the home from our friends and colleagues at Cabrini Health in Australia to mark this milestone year.

A commemorative card was also designed and distributed to all residents and staff which included a timeline of Mother Cabrini’s life and her connection to the Dobbs Ferry property. A festive lunch was held on each of the residents’ units that included entertainment for all.  

Rev. Edwin Robinson, OFM, Director of Pastoral Care celebrates a special Mass in honor of Mother Cabrini’s 164th birthday with co-celebrant, Rev. James Smyth, Cabrini of Westchester resident. All admired the beautiful portrait of Mother Cabrini that was given to the home by our friends and colleagues at Cabrini Health in Australia in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the acquisition of the property on which the Cabrini of Westchester resides.

The Cabrini Trio, Susan Herceg, Lorraine Campanelli and Robin Larkins shared the gift of song during the Mass with some help from Sr. Arlene Van Dusen, MSC.

Cabrini of Westchester Honors its Long Term Service Employees

Submitted by Susan Herceg

On July 16, 2014, Cabrini of Westchester held a Blessing Ceremony followed by a luncheon in honor of sixty-seven outstanding employees who were celebrating five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty five and even forty years of service to the organization.

The Ceremony was held in St. Cabrini’s Chapel and Rev. Edwin Robinson, OFM, Director of Pastoral Care, bestowed blessings on all of the honorees. Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO of Cabrini of Westchester, shared the following poem written by resident, Sr. Georgeanne Farrell, FSP:

One hundred years ago
A woman on a Mission
Traveled to Dobbs Ferry
For one special acquisition!

Up here on the Hudson
On that acquired land
An orphanage for girls
That her caring heart had planned

Throughout the years, the faces have changed.
But the love, compassion, mission and drive
Have kept Cabrini’s tradition alive.

By your years of faithful Service
Be they many or be they few
St. Cabrini’s Caring Legacy
Continues daily – Thanks to you!

In her closing remarks, Ms. Krasnausky thanked the employees for their dedication and for “bringing God’s love to Cabrini of Westchester’s clients, residents, patients and registrants through your service, caring and compassion.”

Each of the awardees received a pin with a precious stone reflective of their years of service to Cabrini of Westchester.

Staff members throughout the home were invited to participate in an honorary luncheon in recognition of the hard work and dedication to the mission accomplished by all Cabrini of Westchester Employees each and every day of the year! A special celebration was also held for each employee that works during the evening and night shifts.

Congratulations to the 2014 Employee Service Award Recipients and thank you for all that you do and for being such a cherished part of the Cabrini family for so many years!  

Barbara Gaughan, Vice President for Operations/Administrator for Cabrini of Westchester announces the honorees at the annual employee service awards celebration while Human Resources Director, Simone Faulkner-Smith assists with handing out the awards.

Kunjamma Alex, CNA receives her award for thirty years of service to Cabrini of Westchester.

Eunice Thomas, CNA receives her award for thirty-five years of service to Cabrini of Westchester.

Patricia Krasnausky, President and CEO of Cabrini of Westchester, presents Lorraine Mozdziak, Unit Clerk, with her award for forty years of service to Cabrini of Westchester.


Call (914) 693-6800 for a complete listing of all happenings at Cabrini of Westchester.