Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the visiting hours?

We do not restrict visiting hours, the time of your visit(s) is up to your loved one. We do ask to refrain from disturbing others while visiting.

2. Are children and pets allowed to visit?

Yes, we do not restrict visits from any members of the family including our furry family members. You are required to have your pet on a leash during the visit and attended at all times. Pets are not permitted to roam the halls freely. We also require that your pet(s) vaccinations be current and if necessary, we may ask you to provide such documentation to us. You are responsible to clean up after your pet.

3. What should I bring for my loved one?

Comfortable clothing and non-skid sports sneakers to use while in rehab. Nightgowns or pajamas for sleeping including a bathrobe and non-skid slippers. We do ask to not bring in expensive jewelry or valuables that you cannot secure in your room. We do offer a key for your bedside cabinet to secure any valuable items.

4. Can I observe my loved one during their rehab?

We encourage you to come observe during their rehab but we ask to not photograph which may violate the HIPAA Regulations.

5. Will we be part of the discharge planning?

Discharge planning begins on the day of admission. The rehabilitation goals are set by the patient, the families, and responsible parties, along with the interdisciplinary team of professionals of Rosewood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center including professionals in nursing, rehabilitation, social services, activities, and the Registered Dietitian.

6. I have co-payments and I cannot afford to pay the fees for my rehab. I want to come for rehab, but I am afraid I cannot pay for it, what can I do?

If you have feel you may have difficulty with affording your co-payment or co-insurance for your stay, feel free to call and discuss this with us as you may qualify for financial assistance. If you qualify we can assist you with obtaining this assistance. It is based on financial qualifications.

7. How can I pay for my co-payment during my stay? I do not want to go home to a large bill after I discharge.

We accept cash, credit card, debit payment, personal checks for payments.

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